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Quality is Standard


Once our fruit is harvested, it is transported to our two packhouses.
Both our packhouses are equipped with state of the art computerised systems, where fruit is automatically sorted according to diameter, mass, colour, shape and blemishes.
This allows Patensie Citrus to deliver a high quality product. Our total capacity is 60 tons per hour, which allows us to pick and pack fruit at optimum ripeness.
Patensie Citrus has also invested in modern de-greening rooms with a storage capacity of 1600 tons of fruit. These rooms are used during the early part of the season to ensure the best possible colour development of fruit. An added advantage of these rooms is that they can double as cold storage facilities, enabling us to manage logistics as well as the cold chain effectively.
In addition to these modern facilities, Patensie Citrus actively ensures that the quality standards in our packhouses, as well as on the suppliers farms are constantly monitored and audited.
HACCP, FIELD TO FORK and SMETA – ethical audits are some of the mandatory accreditations our packhouses comply with. All producing farms are required to have the necessary GlobalGAP accreditation. The implementation of these standards ensures that Patensie Citrus remains amongst the leaders in the citrus industry.

Patensie Production Flow

Our ability to trace fruit from the receiver all the way back to its origin, gives our clients the reassurance that the final product is of the highest standard.
Approximately 0 million
Cartons are packed for export annually.
Fruit not adhering to export standards is either sold locally or used for juicing purposes.