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Automation of Blue Packhouse

18th Feb 2020

At the end of the 2012 season, a decision was taken to research place packers, automation of pallet stations and installation of a self strapper. The main reasons for the decision were the dramatic increase in costs, wage increases, and the need for greater pack house efficiency and functionality. PSB pack house strives to be as productive as possible in order to achieve maximum output per shift.

Following extensive research, the decision was made to purchase eight place packers, and a self strapper. Installation took place in April 2013. I.d.e.a. place packers were imported from Spain and have an impressive packing rate of approximately 180 cartons per hour, in comparison with the 180 cartons packed per day by the average packer. The Reisopack self strapper is also from Spain and takes only about a minute to complete the strapping of a pallet.

The carton conveyor has also been upgraded to pallet stations, with a kick off system that directs cartons according to counts to their respective pallet stations for distribution. The automation of the station also limits handling of the pallets.

As Patensie Citrus, we are very proud of the upgrades made to our pack houses and applaud the quality of work undertaken by MASGCOR