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Navels are the earliest maturing of orange varieties, producing seedless fruit of larger size than most others, with deep orange, easily peeled rinds, and rich, sweet and pleasant flavour.

This is our main cultivar. Varieties include: Palmer, Fisher, Fukumoto, Washington, Mclains, Newhalls, Lina’s and Lane Late.

The Navelate is smaller than the navel, and has a smaller and often concealed navel. They are much sweeter than the Navel.



The Navelate is harvested after the Navel, but prior to the Valencia types. The Navelate is highly sought after in export markets, due to outstanding brix levels.  

The main varieties include Witkrans, Cambria and the Dan Sweet (Carninka).


Cara Cara Navel

The Cara Cara is a navel cultivar that differs from other navels. It owes its pigmented (red) flesh colour to the presence of lyco, the same pigment responsible for the flesh colour of Star ruby grapefruit.

Witkrans Navel

Closely related to the Cambria navel, this orange is round, but just as sweet as the Cambria navel. The Witkrans navel are harvested between Navels and Cambrias.

Cambria (Navelate)

This fruit has a distinct roundish-oval shape and originates from the Cambria area in the Gamtoos Valley. The skin is yellow orange and the overall sugar content is very high. Cambrias are not vulnerable to creasing like the normal Palmer navels. They mature just before Midknights and usually arrive late in the overseas market, where they are extremely sought after.


Valencia trees are vigorous and upright. The fruit are roundish-oblong in shape, with a well-coloured, moderately thin rind of smooth, sometimes finely pebbled texture. These days Valencias in the Gamtoos Valley are being substituted by Midknights.


Of unknown origin, this cultivar's potential was only recognized in the 1970’s. Its improved characteristics include an exceptionally high juice percentage, better flavour, near seedlessness and a significantly larger fruit size. Midknights mature two to four weeks earlier than the Valencia, but hold on the tree just as late. Midknights are our second largest cultivar.


It has a lower sugar content and acidity than the standard Valencia, and reaches maturity one to three weeks earlier.

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