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Paksaam Introduction

Paksaam Nursery is one of 22 accredited nurseries in South Africa and produces citrus trees of the highest standard.  Certification as a nursery is done twice annually and all GlobalGAP standards have to be adhered to.  

The majority of our trees are produced for farmers within the Gamtoos Valley, but we also supply to areas such as the Sundays River Valley.  Paksaam Nursery produces approximately 120 000 trees annually.


Citrus Trees that Paksaam Produces

Paksaam Nursery produces the following trees:


  • Navel types
    • Early Navels (Washington, Palmer and Fischer)
    • Navelates (Cambria, Carninka, Witkrans and Nuwelande)
  • Valencia types
    • Midknights
    • Valencias

Soft Citrus

  • Affourer (Af)
  • Mandarins (B17 & B24)
  • Clementine
  • Nova
  • Satsuma
  • Minneola


  • Eureka Lemon


  • Star Ruby Grapefruit

We have also applied for approval to produce Tangelo trees.

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